shoe polish
and hair pomade
that smells like roses
and cigarettes

and you
your gray jacket
your black coat with one missing button
your gray cardigan with the brown buttons when i was sick
your brown coat when we were coming back from phoenix and id never even hugged you but you lent me your coat nonetheless
an unfamiliar coat with a lovely smell that would become so familiar i have to remind myself to breathe it in

they always talk about your lovers exact smell, that remains on your clothing and bedding but without your pomade and cigarettes id still recognize you forever

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some paperman fanart to end the night right ;D


some paperman fanart to end the night right ;D

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WiFi: connected
Me: then fucking act like it

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"You’re not supposed to eat Americone Dream after sex. You’re supposed to eat it during sex. That’s what the waffle cone pieces are for, they’re ribbed for your pleasure.” -Stephen Colbert




There are a bunch of human shaped gates in the middle of Times Square….and people are trying to fit themselves in them…..holy shit…..

The Enigma of Times Square Fault.



real acting

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